Magic Bottle:

By Ian Sullivan, Noble Park High School.

A stimulating demo, good introduction to the topic Introduction to Chemistry.
Technicians notes:
Bottle contains 500ml of fresh 1M H2SO4 with 0.5g of anhydrous iron(III) chloride FeCl3. Solution in the bottle is nearly colourless.
Use a wine bottle and appropriate glasses rather than a flask and beakers.
Practise, with a view to adjusting quantities of chemicals in the glasses, which should not be visible to an audience.
Scientific explanation should not come until the trick is completed. The array of beverages appears to flow from the same bottle of sulfuric acid plus iron chloride.
Set up glasses containing solutions as follows. Pour solution of sulfuric acid into each consecutive glass.
1.PORT 1 ml fresh saturated ammonium thiocyanate soln NH4SCN
2.SHERRY 2ml saturated iron(III)chloride solution FeCl3.
3.WINE/CLARET 1 drop fresh saturated ammonium thiocyanate soln NH4SCN
4.MILK TUMBLER 2 ml. lead nitrate 0.1M
5.WATER empty.
6.CHAMPAGNE 1g sodium hydrogen carbonate (sodium bicarbonate)
7.COLA/SOFT DRINK 1g sodium hydrogen carbonate (sodium bicarbonate) and 1 ml saturated ammonium thiocyanate.
8.INK OR CURACAO LIQUOR 1ml saturated potassium ferrocyanide K4Fe (CN)6.3 H2O

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