Egg protein substitutes:

1.Try using gluten flour. It seems to react with the modified biuret reagent.
Using 1M sodium carbonate with a couple of drops of 0.1M copper sulfate gives a violet precipitate for positive protein.
2.Try gelatine gels. They are about 90% protein (might be an idea to try some jelly cubes).
3.Try the egg replacement powder which is used in cooking. As it has similar properties in the cooking process, it may work
4.Marshmallows are almost pure protein.
Beef extract powder might work.
5.Use albumin flakes in lieu of real egg white. The supplier is Perth Scientific
6.Use soya beans
7.10% Gelatin solution instead of egg white suspension, for the year 8 experiment involving testing food for protein, fats & carbohydrates.
Need to keep it warm or it solidifies

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