The following are recommendations for dishwashers in school science departments:
1. Probably most schools would have a domestic dishwasher. They work very well. We have a Whirlpool 6ADP 962, which features a half-load option and on the lower rack the plate holders can be laid flat to accommodate larger items. Test tube baskets are available from scientific suppliers.
2. We have a Westinghouse 950, our second one. The first lasted 6 years.
3. I have a Miele commercial.
4. The Simpson Silencio 850. It has plenty of space and you can take one of the lower racks out to put cutlery baskets in for test tubes etc. Baskets are expensive though, and it might be worth while bargaining to get one or two extra at a better price at the time of purchase.
It is recommended that all glass-ware be rinsed before washing to remove any acid or alkali which can make holes in the base of the machine.

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