Charles’ Law Apparatus:


Is there anybody who knows about an alternative to the apparatus that is being used in Exp.12 STAWA Lab Manual: Charles Law? We have one, but it didn’t work the last time we used it.


The apparatus should work fine, but it is necessary to tap the mercury bead before taking a reading as it can become stuck.
An alternative way of using the same apparatus is to begin with boiling water and then reduce the temperature by adding cold water.
It is also essential to have the FULL length of the region below the mercury bead IMMERSED in water.
One practical uses methylated spirits instead of water! This is not allowed since a Bunsen is used to heat it. Only hot plates should be used for heating meths. There is no need to use meths anyway.
Serrata Pty Ltd sells apparatus for this experiment, which apparently works well. Product no.010029. E mail:

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