Useful websites related to science curriculum

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AMPS, the Australian Multimedia for Physics Students website 
Its goal is to provide clear and interesting resources to help understanding of the key topics in year 11 and 12 physics.

ASE (The Association for Science Education) in the UK
This will be very useful to anyone involved in a new or refurbished build.
This information refers to the British Standards not the Australian and New Zealand Standards, although many will be much the same.
Therefore, be cautious when using the information and look up Australian/NZ Standards before requesting any ‘legal’ requirements.

Bathymetry of Australia’s coastal margin
The Bathymetry of Australia Fly-through uses modern visualization techniques to investigate Australia’s underwater marine features.

Bristle University ChemLabS

Youtube channel


Bubble making
Facts and photos of some amazing effects achieved with bubbles. Bubble mixture recipes and resources.

Cells Alive 
Interactive site covering cell biology, microbiology, immunology, and microscopy with pictures, puzzles, quizzes and CDROM downloads

Charles’ Law site; interactive’%20Law.htm

Chemistry Delights
Chemistry demonstrations illustrated and explained.

Forensics Illustrated 
Comprehensive collection of all the resources collected, manufactured, and utilised by Brennon Sapp during his nine years of teaching Forensic Science to high school students

Amazing toys to excite you and your students. Pythagorus cup, Endless Spring, Homopolar Roller, moving cogs, Dragon Illusion. A UK site.

Ishihara tests for colour blindness
A site about colour “deficiency”. Condition, causes, effects, plus some colour charts. Software (shareware/freeware) for checking colours on your computer.

Mad Sci Network
A “collective cranium” of scientists who provide answers to your questions. Archives of more than 36,000 answers. Mad Sci FAQs, random knowledge generator, Mad Labs, Mad Sci Library.

Molecular models
A US science resource supplier. MOLECULAR MODELS, biology and hobby tools, biology images, general science lab materials, magnets, magnifying glasses, etc.

Ocean and Space resources
“A personal website dedicated to sharing the splendours of the sea and the wonders of the universe.”

Periodic Table Interactive

pH colour charts online
Shows the colour changes for some common indicators

Powers of Ten
Science, optics and you. Begin by viewing the Milky Way 10 million light years from earth, then move in successive orders of magnitude until you are examining quarks! Also: student activities and teacher resources.

Surfing Scientist
The link to the surfing scientist, great demos, etc with easy set ups. Good ideas for end of year pracs.

Weather station on-line