We offer Full Membership to those employed in an Independent Western Australia School as a Science Technician; Associate Membership to those who are not employed in a Secondary School or College, but are performing a similar role in an educational environment and have no other means of support and Affiliate Membership to schools that do not, as yet, employ a Science Technician. This enables Science teachers who are fulfilling the role of Science Technician to access to our support network.

Unfortunately, our three professional development meetings were cancelled due to COVID in 2020 . However, our members  were delegates at STAWA’s Future Science Day at Murdoch University where we attended various cutting-edge science workshops.Our thanks go to the Science Teachers Association of WA (STAWA) for their continuing support.

The Association was founded in 1990 and we usually meet on the last Wednesday in each term in various host schools throughout the Perth metropolitan area.  Our membership as of December 2020 was 197 members from 113 schools and institutions. The membership fee is $85 per school, per year and this covers meeting attendance for up to 5 Technicians per school. The schools pay the fee, not the Technicians. For more information see our ‘Contacts’ link.


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